Membership in SATAI is open to persons engaged in the practice of technical accident investigation.

The membership is also open to those whose interests and professional activities correspond with the purposes of the Association. Included in the membership of the Association are police officers, reconstruction consultants, engineers, attorneys and forensic examiners.

If you are interested in joining SATAI, please follow the steps on the following pages, starting with entering your email address.  Unless a field is indicated to be a required field with a * next to it, please complete as much of the online form as you like.  You can complete or update these entries at a later time once you have logged into the site as a member.

After filling out the online form, please attach a copy of your current resume detailing your training and experience in the area of accident investigation, basic and advanced. Please include any information that would be of benefit in  establishing your level of expertise. This may include but is not limited to training in related areas, degrees, seminars attended, teaching, testing performed and experience. The resume need not be formal but should be as detailed as possible.

The cost of a yearly membership with SATAI is $140.  There is a one-time initial application fee of $25 for all new members.  You will be prompted to pay these amounts through our online portal at the end of the online application process.

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