The Southwestern Association of Technical Accident Investigators, Inc. (SATAI).

The goal of this website is to keep its members and other interested parties aware of current activities of the group. Additional information has been made available which we hope will assist you in your field of work.

Current SATAI members may enter a secured portion of the site where they will find the SATAI roster, documents from past SATAI meetings, and other useful information. If you have any comments regarding the website, or would like to see new topics added, send an email to satai_webguy@satai.com




SATAI Members,

I would like to thank Joe and the board for all their hard work and efforts leading up to another successful Crash testing and Winter Conference. It is now my privilege to serve as your President with Jon Balasa as your Vice President.

We will be working behind the scenes to put together the Winter Conference for 2021. Updates on this will follow. We would like to see your input on where you want to go and what topics you would like to hear. We need your valuable input to keep the conferences fresh, provide valuable information, and unreplaceable training.

Any input you have about making your conferences better is encouraged. We look forward to seeing you at future conferences. Make sure to thank Joe and your Board members for their countless hours volunteering behind the scenes.

If anyone is interested in being a part of the board, we would encourage you to let us know. We would like to have fresh ideas and new input to keep SATAI operating at a high level.

You can reach us at satai_webguy@satai.com

David Carr
SATAI President




Reconstruction Websites

ACTAR - Accreditation Commission for Traffic Accident Reconstruction

ARC Network - Accident Reconstruction Network

CSI - Collision Safety Institute

IPTM - Institute of Police Technology management

Kinetic Energy Press - Reconstruction Reference Material

Lawyers & Judges Publishing - Reconstruction Reference Manual

NAPARS - National Association of Professional Accident Reconstruction Specialists

NUCPS - Northwestern University Center for Public Safety 

Software Used in Accident Reconstruction

3D CAD Browser - Buy/Exchange 3D Models

4N6XPRT Services - Expert AutoStats

AR Software - WinCRASH, WinSMAC

EDC - HVE, Simon, et at.

Lightpoint Data - Exemplar data for Photogrammetry

MacInnis Engineering - PC-Crash

Madymo - Simulation of Crash Test Dummies or Humans

McHenry Software - M-SMAC

MicroSurvey Software, Inc. - MapScenes Systems

PC-Crash - MEA Forensic 

REC-TEC - REC-TEC Software

Rules, Regulations, Testing & Other Sites

Arizona Revised Statues - Arizona Transportation Laws (Title 28)

California Vehicle Code 

Colorado Revised Statues

Nevada Revised Statues

New Mexico Vehicle Code

Utah Motor Vehicle Code

CAS - Center for Automative Safety

Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS)

Ford Recalls - Search for recalls on a Ford product by VIN

IIHS - Insurance Institute of Highway Safety Vehicle Ratings

NASS-CDS - National Automotive Sampling System (NASS)

Neptune Engineering - Source for vehicle data

NHTSA Crash Viewer - Crash Investigation Sampling System

NHTSA - R&D Main Page - NHTSA Research & Development's Home Page

NHTSA - Vehicle Safety Research - Databases for vehicle, biomechanics, components, and EDR Reports

NHTSA - ODI - Search for Recalls or Investigations on Vehicles

NHTSA - Rollover Work - NHTSA site for rollovers. Includes papers

NHTSA - Test Database - Search NHTSA for Crash Test Reports

Ruth Consulting - EDR Information

SAE Mobilus Paper Search - Search for Mobility Engineering Resources

TintCenter - State laws regarding window tinting

Tire Information - Technical information related to tires